Andrew WK to host Midnight Scavenger Hunt during SXSW

As part of the Mess With
events that are taking place at Red Seven during, but separate from
the SXSW festival, unofficial minister of partying and all things fun, Andrew WK will be hosting a midnight scavenger hunt in downtown Austin, TX on the night of Friday, March 16th.

The winning team of the hunt will receive $1,000 cash and the opportunity to
play right before the Walkmen and David Cross on the day following the
Midnight Scavenger Hunt. The hunt’s organizers had the following to say about the event:

We are offering this prize because we would like to
give any band the opportunity to play during a party during SXSW. But the
winner does not have to be in a band to play! It can be a comedian, drama
troupe, preacher, circus act? They can sleep on the stage if they would
like. We don?t care!

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